Gilman Springs RC Flyers

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History of the Gilman Springs RC Flyers Club

This club was founded by the late George Killeen in 1998.
Click here to see a "HISTORY OF THE CLUB" along with some photos from the past.

Club Events

The Gilman Springs RC Flyers conduct several Events throughout the year, including our Signature Events:
 "Dawn Patrol/Golden Age  Over Gilman Springs",  and "Warbirds Over Gilman Springs".

 Also included are, two Swap Meets, a Members Appreciation Fun-Fly, and three NIght Flies each year.

(see the Event Schedule for event dates).

Flying Field Location (click here for map showing directions)

The Flying Field is located in Moreno Valley California, on Gilman Springs Road around 5 miles south of the 60 Freeway.

Field Facilities. (see the Field Facility Photos)

Runway – The paved asphalt runway is 600’ long by 50’ wide.  It is striped down the middle.

Electricity and Water Service – Our Rent includes use of electricity and water.

Pits – There is a 230’ shaded pit area, including several tables for setting up and working on models.  Also included are several start-up stands. Taxiways lead from the pits to the runway.  There are electrical outlets positioned throughout the pits, making it very convenient for battery charging.

Markham’s Mansion” – Built by members Jim & Leann Markham, it includes a Restroom and a Storage Room.

Restroom – The restroom includes a flush toilet and basin.

Storage Room – The storage room has a refrigerator and Microwave oven in it for members’ use.
The refrigerator is kept well stocked with water, soda, ice cream, and other goodies that you can purchase for $.75 each.

Note: After becoming a member, you will be told where the key for the rooms is kept.

Shaded kitchen & eating area – The kitchen area includes a BBQ Stove and counters for serving food.  The eating area is shaded, and includes a picnic bench and a large table top for eating at.  A Container for aluminum cans and plastic bottles is included there.

Storage Containers - There are two large storage containers on site for storage of Field Maintenance equipment and supplies.

Trash containers are positioned throughout the pit area. However, pilots are asked to take their “large trash” home with them.


First Aid Kit - There is a First Aid Kit in the Storage Room.

Fire Extinguishers - Fire Extinguishers are available. 

Medical Emergency Facility - A Map showing directions to the nearest Medical Emergency Facility is posted in the Frequency Control Box and on the Field Bulletin Board.

911 Operator Directions - Directions to the Field, to give to a 911 Operator, are posted in the Frequency Control Box and on the Field Bulletin Board.

Field Usage

Field Safety Code - A “Field Safety Code” is posted in the Frequency Control Box.

Frequency Control – There is a Frequency Control Box in the Pit Area. 72 Mhz Pilots are required to place their “Gilman Springs RC Flyers Membership Card” in the frequency slot and clip the frequency pin to their antenna. Pilots are also asked to sign in and sign out when they come to the Field.

Flight Pattern – The normal flight pattern is counterclockwise, with takeoffs and landings East to West.

Flying Courtesy  Pilots are asked not to “group-hog” the airspace but rather to allow others time to fly, and to allow time for beginners to fly alone.

Aluminum Can & Plastic Bottle Collection – Place your aluminum cans and plastic bottles in the so-marked container.  Proceeds from turned in cans & bottles are used to help defray the cost of soda, water, goodies and field supplies.


Our meetings are held at the Flying Field on the last Saturday of each month, starting at 10am.  In addition to discussing club business, we have a Raffle and Show & Tell.  Members are invited to bring their newly completed projects to the meeting for Show & Tell. Show & Tell participants get 5 free raffle tickets.

How to join the Club

To join the Gilman Springs RC Flyers Club, a person must be sponsored by one of our current members. If a candidate does not know anyone in our club, he or she is advised to come to the field on a few weekends and "hang out" with members who are there. After making friends with one of our members, and letting him get to know you well enough to vouch for you, ask him to sponsor you. After getting a Sponsor, you and he need to fill out an Application and turn it in to the Club President. After receipt of your completed Application, you and your Sponsor must attend one of our meetings where your Sponsor will introduce you and you will say a few words about yourself. Attendees will then be given the opportunity to "vote you in". After being "voted in", you can then join the club.

Adult Member (19 years old and above) One-time $50 Initiation Fee & $75 Annual Dues.
Adult Member Application Form

Junior Member (Under 19 years old) No Initiation Fee. $15 Annual Dues.
Junior Member Application Form